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Free Market of Used Boats/Yachts and other ships.
Include Large Works Ships such as Container and Passenger Boats.

Welcome to Rippletown!
This is the most popular site for ship sales in Japan.
Actually people of 156 countries access Rippletown.
(There are 195 countries in the world.)

This site is Free Market Site for the Sellers and Buyers of Ships, Motor/Sailing Boats and Yachts.
This page is the top page supported in English.
The pages supported in English are only for buyer. (You cannot register ships for sales with English support.)
If you want to go to Japanese top page (Grand top page), which you can access for all service, please click here.

Yamaha, Yanmar, Nissan, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi....
Not only Japanese boats but also American, European and other countries' boats.
You can find many types of boats such as Motor Yachts, Fishing Boats, Sailing Yachts, Dinghy, PWC(Power Water Craft), Canoe and Kayak.
Not only these boats but also Large Works Ships such as Container, Passenger, Cargo Ships

This site can be used by anyone, private boat owners, used boats companies, etc. at Free of charge!
So you can get the boats (yachts) at the cheapest price.

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If you need to install Japanese Fonts, please click here (microsoft page).

All information are registered by sellers at 24-hour, real-time.
It means the information change everyday and everytime.
Don't lose to get better value boats (ships)!!

Rippletown do not sell any boats, yachts nor ships.
But each seller sells.
If you are interested in the boats, you have to contact sellers directly.
The seller's information is displayed in the each detail page.

Most Japanese do not speak English and/or other languages.
But many Japanese can read/write English.
So we recommend you to contact sellers by email.

You need to think of a time difference if you want to make a phone call.
Japan Time is 9 hours earlier than UTC time.